Microbiological Analysis

•   Pathogenic microorganisms in food such as  E. coli, S. aureus, Salmonella spp. B. cereus, 

         C. perfringens , V. Parahaemolyticus, V. cholera

•   Sterility Test, such as  Aciduric Spoilage Bacteria, Mesophilic Aerobic Sporeformers,

         Mesophilic Flat Sour

•   Shelf life of Products

List of microbiological analysis

TestMethodWorking days
Total Plate Count (TPC)FDA – BAM5
Yeast & MoldFDA – BAM10
ColiformsFDA–BAM /ISO7
Escherichia coliFDA–BAM /ISO7
Staphylococcus aureusFDA–BAM /ISO7
Bacillus cereusFDA–BAM /ISO7
Salmonella spp.FDA–BAM /ISO10
Enterobacter sakazakiiFDA–BAM /ISO10
Vibrio parahaemolyticusFDA–BAM /ISO7
Vibrio choleraeFDA–BAM /ISO7
Clostridium perfringensFDA–BAM /ISO7
Flat sour bacteriaTIS 3357
Listeria  monocytogenesISO10
Listeria spp.In house method based on ISO7
Mesophilic Aerobic bacteriabased on FDA–BAM7
Thermophilic Aerobic bacteriabased on FDA–BAM7
Lactic acid bacteriaISO7
Staphylococcus aureus
(in water)
Salmonella spp.(in water)AWWA10
Clostridium perfringens
(in water)
Coliform MPN 10(in water)ISO / AWWA10
Escherichia coli MPN 10
(in water)